The Top 2 Serger Models that can be Useful

Many serger variants are available in the market but the following two serger models have been making waves and are very highly rated by so that we take a look into these individual models to understand the reason why they have been rated so highly.

  • Brother 1034D– This serger is virtually capable of excelling in whatever it does. The biggest positive of the machine is its ease of use. It is practically ready as soon as it is unboxed as the controls are very easy and threading is a kid’s play for this machine. This serger is capable of a high quality finish on a range of fabrics like, linens, knits, formal wear, etc. Decorative edges, beautiful ruffles and laces can be easily created by the machine. Strong and durable 4 thread overclock stitches can also be done with ease. Standard ratio of the differential feed is 0.7-2.0 mm and the stitch width adjustment is between 5-7 mm which is enough to handle most threads. The machine also comes with a protective covering case and 25 years warranty that is just enough.
  • Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX – best serger reviews has listed this machine as the best for any type of cover stitching. The machine is capable of the most correct and tight seams. Hemming can also be performed effectively by the Janome Cover 1000CPX. The CoverPro Cover feature ensures that a material is not cut sewing on fold while hemming or during going into the fabric on a decorative hem stitching. The differential feed ratio is 0.5-2.25 mm and the stitch length can be adjusted between 1-4 mm. While using 2 needles the stitch width can be set between 3-6 mm and to 6 mm while using 3 needles.

These two models are perhaps the best available types of serger machines that one can hope to buy at present.