Newer Methods of Losing Weight Work Quite Well

Everyone wants to lose unwanted weight so that one can stay fit. There are many conventional techniques mentioned in to get this done which are though, time consuming and can be tedious. A newer method of burning fat, called Q 48 has become quite prevalent due to the ease of exercise associated with it. After only doing a workout of 15 minutes every alternate day, a person can easily expect to lose weight without any problem. The Q 48 exercises are of high intensity type so that even after finishing the exercise, the fat continues to burn for the next 48 hours. The other salient features of this type of weight loss exercise are as follows.

  • Advantages and benefits – One of the best advantages associated with this type of exercise is that since it is a very intense type of exercise, the body goes into a state of constant fat burning, even when there is no physical activity. By only exercising for 15 minutes a day 3 days a week, the body becomes a sort of fat burning machine where accumulated fat is broken down effectively to release more energy. The exercises do not involve any gym equipment, appliances or device rather the exercises are completely done by utilizing the weight of the body due to which it is so much result oriented weight loss technique.
  • Suited for the following people – This type of exercise regimen is suited for people who are starved of time, who dislike doing elaborate exercises, people who hate treadmills and other such type of gym equipments and who want to do exercises at home without visiting any other place. Likewise, it is also suited for people who want to lose belly fat as it has step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow videos that can be expected to understand easily.

Due to all these outstanding weight loss and fitness features, this type of exercise is gaining popularity very fast fast.