Kratom, its availability, usage and everything about its use

It is an ancient evergreen herb found in the south eastern Asian countries. It was widely used as a pain reliever. But kratom has various usefulness. It is still used as in medical science.

Availability of kratom

Kratom is herb that was first used by the native people of Thailand. There it was used basically as a pain reliever. But this herb was vividly used in medical conditions to treat like diarrhea etc.

Though it was banned in 1943 but still the native people use kratom a source of recreation.

In Malaysia kratom is banned in the year of 1952 but still the people use it under the law.

In USA kratom use is uncontrollable but still it is not banned all over the country.

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Use of kratom                                   

kratom is used form centuries as main cure for different medical purposes. Scientific lessons act as proof of great medical value related to this herb. Beside these this herb is also taken by many as a recreational herm as it gives hallucination on overdose. This is the reason it is regarded as a drug by many countries. And use them to various illnesses.

Side effects of kratom

Kratom has many side effects

  • Dizziness is experienced when consumed much
  • Causes a vomiting tendency among many
  • Overconsumption causes oral dryness
  • Regular use may also cause constipation

To know more about kratom

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