Insights into Mobile Repair Business Such As Movilcrack

In recent years smart phones usage has become a commonplace. As prices of smart phones have declined as well as technology up gradation has led it to a booming industry. But this only one side of two sides of the same coin. There is also a shadow industry alongside which booming. This industry is mobile repair, accessories and mobile spare parts industry. Here some insights into that industry:

Young mobile repair industry

More than two thirds of the mobile repairs industry shops are spurred in almost last two years itself. Majority are one man show or having less than five employees.

Turnover of Mobile repair industry

In 2014 it there was business of 23.4 billion on replacements of damaged smart phones in US alone. Large chunk of business was of broken screens

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Pre-owned device market

Few brands of mobile phone have good resale value and they have been resold with good margins. This pre owned smart phones are generally sold by third party mobile repair businesses.

Heavy Margins

Some good brands in market which are sold by mobile repair shops can rake good margins even if they are sold at less 60% of their original price. This makes additional revenue stream of mobile repair shop owners.

Smart phone accessories

Nearly 60% of mobile repair shops sell mobile accessories which also has very wide acceptance and is also additional revenue stream for such shops like

Revenue takes inmovil crack

It is forecasted that revenue turnover smart phone repair industry will climb nearly 5 percent year on year till next few years and can soon reach a value of 1.5 billion. This is possible as smart phones have many fragile spare parts and can repair can be profitable considering their original price in the market.

Considering the above one should be aware of whether to buy a new phone or get it repaired.